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[ACCEPTAT] Please unban me!

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Informatii BAN Nume: jovan
Motiv: no.wg
Timp UNBAN: BAN Permanent Nume
SteamID ADMIN: STEAM_0:0:82738445

Hi guys!

I'm playing from macos. Since Steam has no macos cs 1.6 I've installed it and playing from Crossover.

There is no cheat checker for macos, as far as I know. I told admin I can't provide screenshot or pass the test. But I was banned.

My score was not something that seems like I'm using cheats. I never used cheats in CS. I even don't know how the cheats on CS look like.


Be so kind, please, unban me.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 14.02.46.png

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Hello .

It will be the only time you get UNBAN for this reason ! 

We have some rules that needs to be respected by all players . If you can't provide Wargods test you are not allowed to play on our servers ! 

I will be kind once and that's it ! 


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