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[RESPINS] Banned despite uploading screenshot and wargods test

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I was just banned from the server despite uploading wargods test and screenshots.
I wrote that I probably wouldn't be able to upload the images to imgur, as it often doesn't work for me.
After posting the link to wargods test several times after already having posted the links to the screenshots, I was banned without any prior communication from admin.

Informatii BAN 
Nume: Ignorante 
Motiv: no.ss 
Timp UNBAN: BAN Permanent 
Nume ADMIN: gymy 
SteamID ADMIN: STEAM_0:1:449684315 
Daca crezi ca BAN-ul nu a fost acordat corect , te asteptam pe forumul nostru 

Wargods test: 


Console info:
] say https://ibb.co/wCgBXBW
[DEAD] zVeRR : ja cuvaat
*** bagg1ns killed VadSun3t3AudCul0ri with a headshot from m4a1 ***
Cyber killed Champion with ak47
Cyber killed romanu with ak47
PaNaRaMiX! killed [SUPER-BOOST].[RO] with awp
[SUPER-BOOST].[RO] timed out
[SUPER-BOOST].[RO] hat das Spiel verlassen.
PaNaRaMiX! killed gymy with awp
*** 55polina killed  with a headshot from ak47 ***
noxep killed Cyber with m4a1
*** --simp killed zVeRR with a headshot from m4a1 ***
] say https://ibb.co/YyMxQJK
Ignorante : https://ibb.co/Jzs6hQx
Sup3R-Boost| Play3R dropped
Sup3R-Boost| Play3R hat das Spiel verlassen.
] say https://ibb.co/FWXtF1F
fr0zeN^ : ve izresetiv
fr0zeN^ : plemeto vase
*** zdifqi killed Knight30 with a headshot from ak47 ***
[CS.EROII.RO] Suntem in cautare de admini. Va asteptam pe forum www.eroii.ro/forum cu o cerere ! 
Ignorante : https://ibb.co/wCgBXBW
PaNaRaMiX! killed --simp with awp
55polina killed noxep with ak47
bagg1ns killed 55polina with m4a1
Ignorante : https://ibb.co/YyMxQJK
bagg1ns killed zdifqi with m4a1
Ignorante : https://ibb.co/FWXtF1F

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AGAINST UNBAN , from i can see the  wargods test might be clean but the pictures were not, you missed the white pic from the screenshot.

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Hello . 

The admin BANNED you because the full white SS is missing ! 



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