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  1. Admin Connor MCGREGOR' I joined at around 9 pm today, I was by far top in KDA for cts and got killed 3 times in VERY strange ways by the admin, as if he exactly knew where I was, the admin had a different nickname then changed it to Connor MCGREGOR'. I had to rejoin so that I could record the video. Proofs: min 0:10 min 1:13 min 2:19 min 4:33 min 5:00 It is so clear he knows no one is near that he even enters door while reloading and AWP lol min 6:00 After several players fighting he kills vis, takes c4 and just goes straight to bombsite, clearly knowing that no one was around anymore. Then he stops to check who is still alive, sees me (Plop) as spectator, realizes I may be recording him and leaves https://mega.nz/file/Rn5SHIDR#S4opXTu23vf4ddRDLyf_oLqm78E5K8ePNgVFszRNMkE
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