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    someone kicked me from game. genroby ask me for screenshot. a cant upload in 30seconds. if he waiting me 5min i give him all screenshots or wargods logs all he wont.all time if i have good score someone thinking i used cheats or something else. this is screenshots https://imgur.com/bxDliue https://imgur.com/ewsUGxW https://imgur.com/JqOAlqH https://imgur.com/WXW8dhG
  2. Prenume » Radomir Vârsta » 40 Locația » Trieste Italia Ocupație » Nurse Hobby-uri și pasiuni » Motorcycles,fishing Modalitate de contact » rd2007@gmail.com or facebook De unde ai auzit de EROII.RO? » counter strike O poză cu tine (opţional) » https://ibb.co/82LvKxC me and my wife Acordă o notă comunității » 10+ great server acd hackers have short life on this server. Alte detalii » Informații :
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