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  1. + Nice fake reason to ban , i was asking you how to send photo , you banned me , its clear in the demo hahahaha , i asked you how to send photo i don't know , tell me how to send but you banned directly , never seen such noobish like you
  2. 1st thing , your server is bot , i make aces at fastcup 😄 check my youtube if you think i cheat , i literally played tournaments and children like you call me cheater , prove when i cheated , i gave demo , give me demo scan report .... demo is better than Photos or scan , so
  3. pubber.dem your server demo i record for youtube video , i am youtuber , i record all time game for good moments .... so yea check it
  4. YOUR SERVER , YOUR ADMINS ALL BOTS , LEARN PLAYING NOOB ROMANIANS , GO 5v5 i will destroy your entire community alone , banned me reason cheating XD 2010 - 2009 cs player XD pubber.dem
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