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  1. primesti unban !! la motiv ti am specificat sa pui pozele aici daca nu stii cu imgur.
  2. FREESTYLER STEAM_1:0:1757812732 no.ss
  3. HS_ONLY. STEAM_1:0:1048381054 speed
  4. Mozart STEAM_1:0:1941784573 wall
  5. befu STEAM_1:0:215985788 wall no ss
  6. XenzoX STEAM_1:0:2007330351 aim
  7. ZHEMAPEL KIDDA STEAM_1:0:1659650022 wallist
  8. Vinchenco STEAM_1:0:2010325777 wall, no.ss
  9. pinG STEAM_1:0:615203507
  10. KeNNiCHi STEAM_1:0:54363858 no.ss
  11. CoRkI STEAM_1:0:123485742 no.ss
  12. peli ganer STEAM_1:0:1291114547 no ss
  13. Badtime STEAM_1:0:1325362075 wall no ss
  14. Marian STEAM_1:0:2028074350 wall a dat drop cnd am facut poze
  15. HAJDAR STEAM_1:0:614301750 cel mai mare wallist in viata asta era
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